In January 2010 I set myself the challenge of documenting every trip that I took that year with a lino print.

I’m an illustrator by trade, but I’d been so busy illustrating stuff that I’d virtually stopped drawing, and I was in a bit of a creative rut. This project would be all about learning a new craft whilst grappling with the skills of observational drawing...

That was the plan, anyway.

Some of the prints are a bit all over the shop if I'm honest.

Some are pleasing in places, and one or two still make me very, very happy.

Several of them have left me feeling utterly exasperated and seriously thinking of jacking the whole thing in.

But I didn't give it up, and here they all are, in chronological order.

Inspired by something the artist Billy Childish said, I have resolved at the outset not to think of them in terms of successes or failures - they just are what they are and I've been trying to learn to do them better and to make something worth looking at...

Si Smith

January 2011

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